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Welcome to WSVD Dronten Marina

Welcome to WSVD Dronten Marina

The WSVD Dronten Marina is the ideal base of operation for watersports enthusiasts in Dronten.
We offer more than only al place to berth your boat. We a sharing our hospitality and services throug out the year with thousands of guest and watersports enthusiasts how comes to visit our Marina and the city of Dronten.
We always have room for your boat, so reservation is unnecessary unless your boat is longer than 15 metres ( 50ft.) witch is the maximum lenght of our berth.
For any questions or advance information of your arrival please contact the phone number provide on our website.
Our attentive and enthusiastic team is deligheted to help upon arrival.

Close vicinity to the city center of Dronten
Harbour Dues are low due to the help of many volunteers with maintain the harbour and assist with the adminstration and the management. The city center “ Suydersee “  is easily to reach by 5 minutes walking from the Harbour. In the center you will find many shops and supermarkets for all your daily needs and proviantsThe shops are open daily from 8:00 a.m to 21:00 p.m and on Sunday from 16:00 to19:00 p.m.Once a month the shops are open on Sunday, for information and offers please check

Passers – by and guest mooring places
Each guest mooring place is provided with electricity. Please contact the Harbour Master and we’ll be happy to assist you.
After registration the Reception Staff are availiable to answer all your questions about the harbour and its surroundings. You’ll find brochures and maps of the area as well as an updated weather report every day.
There are two bi-bicycle avaible free of charge as additional service from our Marina.

Guest Shower Facilities
In close vinicity of the berth you will find Toilet facilities ( next to the reception / harbour master office). At the entry/exit of our premise you will find a building with additional Toilet- and guest shower facilities. They are further equipped with a launderette and a tumble dryer. Change for the washers and dryers can be exchanged at the reception / harbour master office.

Ice cream, drinks and snacks ( 17:00 p.m to 20:00 p.m )
A rich assortiment of snacks and ice cream can be ordered during day time by the reception / harbour master office. In the afternoon we offer Coffee, Thee, Wine, cool Beer, alcohol free beverages and snacks such as french potatoes and complete meals for a special price in our clubhouse “ Havenzicht “ . Eat at our terrace or restaurant, please feel free make a reservation due to our volunteer based canteen and service. Above service is also availiable during the weekends

GTL Diesel fuel service
At our Diesel quay we sell as the only Marina in Flevoland GTL Diesel. Information regarding GTL is avaible at the reception and harbour master office. Our harbour master we’ll be happy to assist

Drinkwater, blackwater and bilgewater
At our Diesel quay you will find the drinkwater supply ( 150 liter / 50 ct. ). Please notify the harbour master in case you want to dispose black or bilgewater, again our harbour master we’ll be happy to assist

Fishing in the harbour
As WSVD Marina we have obtain the right to fish in the harbour, as our guest you are welcome to try you fishing luck. Be aware that some places in the harbour are more than 18 metres deep !

Pets are welcome
As a shipowner you can bring you Pets / Dog with you at any time but be aware that dogs should be on a dog lead at all time !
You can walk your dog beyound our gate, the harbour master let you know how to open / close the gate

About WSVD Marina Dronten

Our club was founded 40 years ago and offer since 90 affordable mooring places, especially for boats up to 15 metres ( 50 ft. ).
The target of the local authority during the founding of WSVD Marina Dronten was to provide affordable and low threshold places to the public with a low budget.
This is still our fundament and therefore we are greatfull to al volunteers witch help us to achive this target and keep the cost as low as possible to operate our marina. All members of WSVD Dronten Marina deliver voluntary 10 hours a year to serve as harbour master / canteen worker / maintenance technicians and many more services required.
The harbour is situated at the Watersport Kade 2 in Dronten and is a secured area protected with fences and cameras to our safety. Recently installed Lights on the floating jettys provide additional safety during nights

Fees can be found here